The Importance of an Organic Diet in Autoimmune Disease

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With so many diet trends floating around these days, it can be difficult for those working to keep an autoimmune disease under control to decipher the best nutritional approach.

Paleo? Vegan? Pegan? More fats? Fewer fats?

It’s enough to send anyone into a state of confusion, unsure of how to proceed for the best outcomes. While each person has unique nutritional needs depending on the current state of their gut, allergies or sensitivities, activity level, and preferences, an organic diet is essential in helping to restore balance and promote healing.

When we choose organic, we are able to avoid toxins such as glyphosate, which has been associated impairing phase one detoxification in the liver, damaging the health of our microbiome, and binding with our much-needed minerals.

Oh, and then there’s that leaky gut thing. This is critical to address in states of autoimmunity. By eating organic, we are also avoiding hormones and antibiotics that further disrupt our delicate ecosystems. Choosing to eat an organic diet can significantly reduce your exposure to pesticides and reduce the toxic load on your body. In integrative medicine we are always working to decrease your toxic load by using various dietary measures, nutritional IVs, supplements, and mind-body techniques to create more space for healing to happen!

That being said, do your best to choose organic foods when possible. To help you determine your toxicity load, you can take this helpful quiz from CentreSpringMD’s founder, Dr Taz MD. If you feel like you might be suffering from leaky gut, this blog can also help you discover the signs, symptoms, and how to begin healing.


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