Men Can Increase Testosterone Naturally to Reduce the Risk of Alzheimer’s

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You may be surprised how easy it is to increase testosterone naturally without prescription medicine. Have you been struggling with lower testosterone levels as you age? As men get older, their testosterone production drops, which can put them at risk for disease.

At Atlanta’s premier health and wellness center, CentreSpringMD, our holistic and integrative doctors are skilled in natural hormonal balance. Today, they explain how men can naturally increase testosterone levels to reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s and improve overall health.

Alzheimer’s is marked by a rapid decline in cognitive function, specifically memory loss, due to the depletion of brain cells. Research shows that healthy testosterone levels in males are responsible for a variety of bodily functions such as brain function (1).

For example, one study found that healthy testosterone levels maintained or improved cognitive function in male participants with a recent Alzheimer’s diagnosis (2). Primarily, visual-spatial skills increased in all participants of the study. A separate study found that low testosterone is a risk factor for worsening cognitive decline in elderly men (3). This is because testosterone is directly correlated with brain health.

A third study found low testosterone in men to be a direct predictor of Alzheimer’s (4). Without a doubt, it’s clear that the sex hormone testosterone has an extremely important role in men’s health.

Increase Testosterone Naturally to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Integrative doctors are educating their patients on how to improve testosterone levels naturally through lifestyle changes.

Strength Exercise

Daily varied exercise builds muscle mass and helps to maintain a healthy weight. Strength training in particular was found to boost testosterone in males (5). High-intensity interval training (HIIT), walking, jogging, tennis, swimming, yoga, along with any other physical activity also build muscle.

Balanced, Healthy Diet

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to get essential vitamins, trace minerals, and other nutrients for hormone balance and overall health. Yes, it is important to eat healthy, but variety is key. As any great doctor will say, eat the rainbow; eat fruits, vegetables, and other foods of every color. A poor diet has been directly correlated with low testosterone, thereby increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s in men (6).

Good Night’s Sleep

Research shows that the majority of a man’s daily testosterone is released during sleep (7). In other words, poor sleep is a result of decreased testosterone levels. Create healthy bed routines so you can get optimal high-quality sleep. Avoid looking at any screens at least an hour before bedtime, don’t drink caffeine past noon, and get physical activity daily.

Manage Stress

It’s bad enough when you have low testosterone, but stressing about it can create deeper problems. It’s important to take time every day to de-stress so your cortisol levels don’t rise. Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone can create problems with other hormone production, such as testosterone. 

CentreSpringMD Helps Men Increase Testosterone Naturally

The older we get, the harder we have to work on hormone balance, but you are not alone. It is very beneficial to get your hormones tested every year, as it helps your doctor examine your health from a bigger picture. Here at CentreSpringMD, this is just one of the many things we do to get you on the right track to optimal health and wellness.

One of our integrative or holistic medical providers will analyze your hormone levels. Then, we will create a customized plan to help you increase testosterone naturally, along with complete hormone balance long-term. Supplement recommendations, nutrition counseling, stress management, hormone replacement, and other treatments and therapies are all options that could be effective for you.

Contact CentreSpringMD staff today to schedule an appointment with an expert doctor to discuss hormone balance and what will be best for you to increase testosterone naturally.




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