How to Look & Feel Good During the Holidays

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providers-badges-tazWith holiday parties right around the corner, it’s time to take off those bulky sweaters, and slip into a cocktail dress. For many, this can bring about undue stress and anxiety about what to wear and what to eat so that you don’t feel bloated and uncomfortable.

The holidays should be a time of joy and relaxation, but there are a few ways to prep for those parties, and tips on how to be mindful during your festivities that can really make a difference in how you feel.

Before the Holidays

  1. Detox

I always recommend doing a 7-10-day gentle detox right before the holidays hit. It’s a great way to rid your body of toxins, prevent bloat, and boost your energy so that you can keep up with the demands of the season.

A tried and true favorite is my liver detox, since the liver is one of the hardest working organs in our body. Without an optimally functioning liver, we can begin to feel worn down, moody, and may experience gas, bloating and constipation. This cleanse is only 2 days, so if you’re running short on time or just want a quick boost, this one is for you!

For something more robust, I recommend the Ortho Molecular Core Restore, which is a 7- or 14-day diet, lifestyle and nutrient program designed to reduce toxic burden and support liver detoxification. Alternatively, you can do week 1 of my 21 Day Belly Fix.

  1. Meet with a Trainer

Working with a personal trainer is a great way to stay accountable, and try new things that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried on your own. A trainer can help you reach your goals more quickly, and the thought of disappointing him or her will keep you motivated. We have hired a phenomenal Certified Personal Trainer, Miguel Ortiz, and you can book appointments with him every Friday at the Center.

  1. Take Care of Your Skin

I know, who has time for this right before the holidays? I’m telling you though, it’s so important and will make such a difference in not only how you look, but how you feel! I recommend a HydraFacial paired with Cosmetic Acupuncture for an instant glow and lift. Both of these services are available at our spa.

  1. Relax

Like I said before, you have to take care of yourself! The holidays, while joyous, can also be extremely stressful. You can manage this stress with a massage or a CranioSacral Therapy session at our spa.

During the Holidays

  1. Eat Before!

Eating before you head out to parties helps you avoid being tempted by all of the junk and sweets that will be readily available. Fill up on healthy fats, protein and veggies before heading out, and that one cookie won’t turn into seven!

  1. Limit Alcohol

I’m not saying you have to cut it out completely, but limit your alcoholic beverages to 1-2 drinks per event. Not only does alcohol pack on the pounds, it raises cortisol levels, especially in women, and can make it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep.

  1. Exercise

Even if it’s only 20 minutes, getting your body moving every day will give you more energy, improve your mood, and prevent you from gaining too much weight with the holiday indulgences. Try to carve out some time first thing in the morning so that you have no excuses during your busy day.


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