Men: How to Approach Your 6 Worst Health Problems

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Your friends and family rely on you to stay healthy, so why do so few men take advantage of preventative care? 

Maybe you were taught that men don’t complain about health problems, or maybe you’re embarrassed to be completely honest with your doc. 

Or, maybe you have a hunch something is wrong, but you’re not ready for the news and don’t really want to commit to changing anything about the way you live your life. We’ve heard it all, we promise. 

In reality, taking care of your health isn’t complicated, and keeping up with a few, simple markers is all most men need to stay ahead of anything minor turning into something serious.

Get started with Integrative Men’s Health solutions right now. 

1.Cholesterol & Your Heart

Feel like you’re missing something with conventional heart health recommendations? Integrative medicine can help!

About 75% of the cholesterol in your body is actually produced in your liver, and the other 25% comes from diet, which drastically impacts the way we support healthy cholesterol levels (1). 

Increasing research shows that the culprit for poor lipid metabolism (cholesterol production and function) is actually excess sugar because of the strain it places upon the liver and blood sugar levels (2).

At CentreSpringMD we support the treatment of high cholesterol that is based upon the most current research, which shows that diet, exercise, and sleep modifications are a crucial therapy for managing cholesterol. 

Statin drugs take up much of the focus in conventional medicine, but at CentreSpringMD we believe that cholesterol health is more than just managing medications, and we’ll help you make the decision whether or not a statin is right for you.

Learn more about cholesterol management and cardiovascular health here!

The Silent Killer

The trouble with cardiovascular disease (which includes high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart failure) is that it often progresses without our knowledge, with no overt symptoms until the worst happens–that is, a heart attack or stroke.

Heart problems, when caught early, are some of the most manageable with diet and lifestyle modifications, which is why PREVENTION is key for cardiovascular function. 

The American Heart Association recommends men get their cholesterol levels checked starting as early as their 20s, and then every four to six years after that (3).

As for hypertension, or high blood pressure, which is commonly referred to as a “silent killer,” functional medicine will help you identify and manage two of the main drivers for high blood pressure–chronic inflammation and exposure to sustained, high stress (4). 

If you don’t know what your blood pressure is, it’s time to find out. Schedule an appointment with a knowledgeable, board-certified physician who will give you the simple tools you need to take care of your heart starting today.

2.Depression & Mental Health

Yep, we’re going there. Men are much less likely to talk about their mental health, and it’s quite literally killing them. The number of men who die from suicide is three times that who die in car accidents (5). 

Men are navigating A LOT today, and it’s taking a toll. But the truth is, nothing is wrong with you. The brain experiences all the same ups and downs as your body does, and sometimes it needs a little extra attention. 

The answer to mental health isn’t the same for everyone, and medication doesn’t have to be the only solution–supporting the health of your brain itself will have a big impact on your mood, energy, and feelings of well-being. 

The good news is that functional medicine providers have solutions for holistic mental health, and can make recommendations based upon YOUR life–not a one-size-fits-all approach. But we don’t know something is feels wrong upstairs until you tell us.

So guys, if you feel like something isn’t quite right–tell your doc! They can help!

3.Detox and Hormone Balance

The modern man is swimming in estrogenic endocrine disrupting compounds. Why is this a problem? 

It creates a battleground for testosterone.

In our modern environment of processed food, a little too much weight around the middle, and compounds in our environment that mimic estrogen, this can massively interfere with gut health, nutrient absorption, and proper detox pathways. 

All of which negatively impact hormone function.

What’s more, we’re exposed to 500 to 1000 times more lead and heavy metals than pre-industrialized humans, and because of that, it can slow down the body’s natural pathways by which it removes unwanted substances in the air you breath, the water you drink, and the food you eat (6). 

Poor detoxification within the body creates three of the main health complaints we receive most often: stubborn weight gain, low energy, and brain fog

We can look at your detox function AND evaluate your overall hormone balance to make sure levels are where they should be. Learn more and schedule an appointment here!

4.Wellness with Integrative Nutrition

Nutritional Deficiency Testing

Want to optimize your efforts to ensure you’re getting the right nutrients you’re aiming for? Simple blood tests take the guesswork out of nutrition, so you don’t have to operate in the dark about vitamins and minerals. 

Vitamins, minerals, and enzymes of primary concern for men:

  • Zinc maintains DNA health, cellular and immune function, and deficiency may play a role in erectile dysfunction (7).
  • Coq10 is an enzyme that supports energy production at a mitochondrial level.
  • Vitamin K aids in calcium and vitamin D metabolism and function, promoting the proper storage of calcium in the bones.
  • B complex vitamins are crucial for proper detox, energy for the brain, metabolism–and SO much more.
  • Magnesium, the miracle micromineral. This electrolyte is responsible for more than 300 reactions within the body. If you’re deficient, which ones are getting deprioritized?
  • Vitamin D, which really functions more like a hormone, is active throughout the entire body, and deficiencies can make you more susceptible to infection.

Browse the CentreSpringMD shop for these and other reputable, functional nutraceuticals.

Nutraceutical and supplement matching

You know you’re probably not getting the nutrients you need. If you’re like many of us, you make a well-intentioned trip to the health food store to pick up something that maybe fills in the gaps of your already healthy diet–because you ARE eating healthy, right? But 15 minutes later, you leave overwhelmed and empty handed. 

We hear you. That’s why we take the guesswork out of which nutrients will be most beneficial for your unique body chemistry. We match you with the actual supplements your body is missing, saving you the confusion of using a bunch of different products with unknown results.Mens health solutions

Nutritional Counseling

Want to know what kind of diet is best for you? Don’t know what to believe about the keto diet hype, or if vegans actually had it right all along? The truth is, there isn’t one diet that works for everyone–and we like it that way!

We know you might leave a conventional doctor’s visit with advice to “eat more vegetables, get more fiber!” but our nutrition team will actually help you put advice into practice

5.Functional Weight Loss

Weight loss solutions

Approximately 2 out of 3 people in the U.S are either overweight or obese. Sound like a sobering statistic? We think so too. This is why our team of integrative medicine practitioners support a functional approach to getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. 

How is a functional medicine approach different? We combine diet and lifestyle with actually effective behavior change, so you never leave the clinic wondering how you’ll accomplish your goals. You’ll leave with actionable steps to achieve results, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Work with your integrative team today to get started with the last weight loss program you’ll ever need.

Diabetes management

The best diabetes care will involve truly integrative solutions–the right diet, exercise, and lifestyle routines are critical for keeping blood sugar in balance and promoting a healthy insulin response. 

You CAN effectively manage diabetes by working with a functional medicine provider, and these holistic solutions are profoundly more effective than medication alone. 

Lose weight, improve brain fog, and get your blood sugar levels back into a healthy balance today when you schedule an appointment with a functional medicine provider.

Health coaching

Chronic disease (diabetes, obesity, heart disease) is driven by lifestyle, food, and environment, and health coaches are experts in promoting change in those areas.

You may KNOW you need to make lifestyle changes, but if knowledge was all we needed to make healthier behavior change–we’d all be in perfect health after some quality time with our favorite search engine.

Health coaches give you the HOW, the WHY, and the GOALS you need to make meaningful change. 

6.Holistic Testosterone Support

Have you noticed a marked decrease in your energy level? Maybe the same stuff that used to excite you, just isn’t getting your motor going anymore.

Some men have consistent testosterone levels throughout life, but for others you can notice a gradual decrease starting at about age 40 (8).

The factors that influence testosterone are diverse–and testosterone replacement therapy isn’t always the answer for all men. There are holistic ways to support the body’s own production of testosterone, and a few lifestyle adjustments, coupled with losing weight, are often the best places to start.

Is testosterone therapy right for you? Speak with one of our providers today to learn more.

IV Therapy, Just a Fad or Here to Stay? 

Our main source of vitamins and minerals is our food, but many people have difficulty eating the nutrient-dense veggies, quality proteins, and healthy fats they need to give their cells the optimal amount of dozens of different nutrients. 

To overcome the nutrition deficiencies in our diet, most of us turn to dietary supplements, but this can quickly become overwhelming, and it’s hard to know if you’re absorbing the supplements you’ve selected. Are they good quality? Are they doing what you intended them to? It can be hard to know.

IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to the cells that need them, bypassing any complications like poor absorption in the gut, and without any additives or issues of bioavailability. 

Has poor detox depleted your body’s glutathione? Or is a Myers’ cocktail your answer for better immune function? Learn more about our specific IV therapies here!

Integrative Men’s Health

At CentreSpringMD, we know you’re not a statistic. When you schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified practitioners, rest assured you won’t be hurried through an appointment, or treated like a number. 

We’re here because we know the most effective care results from a mutli-disciplinary approach based upon your genetic, environmental, and physical components. We don’t believe the answer to health lies in merely treating disease.

We’re driven and passionate about helping you create wellness and reach optimal health. 

Join the thousands of men who have ignited or rediscovered their vitality and health with an integrative and functional approach to men’s health.




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