MIND Games: Your Balanced Mind

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Chronic stress, the to-do lists, constant connection to electronics can leave even the most serene of us frazzled and flustered—or worse, succumbing to anxiety and depression. Learn more about your mind before you enter the emotional abyss and build resilience, focus and stress buffers in you and your children. Without a peaceful mind, many other unhealthy behaviors follow, including poor lifestyle choices, food and addictions. Building your mind requires a comprehensive approach including:

Nutrition: Common micronutrient deficiencies worsen or trigger depression, anxiety and inattention/ ADHD.

Genetics: Methylation defects, mitochondrial markers and even celiac markers can affect mood stability.

Gut Microbiome: Mood regulation is linked to the microbiome and as research advances, tracking your microbiome will be a goal in obtaining a peaceful mind.

Hormones: The fluctuation of hormones—including thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and insulin—can influence even the most eve-keeled person.

Take my survey to learn your serenity quotient and build a happy mind! Answer “true” or “false” for each of the below statements.

  1. You cry weekly.
  2. You eat for emotional comfort.
  3. You hate getting up in the morning.
  4. You have trouble completing tasks.
  5. You are easily distracted.
  6. You are plagued with racing thoughts.
  7. You lack energy.

If you answered “true” to more than three of these questions, it is time to stop playing MIND games and get healthy. Talk to your doctor about your best brain strategy.

To your health!

Dr. Taz MD


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