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Well-Checks at CentreSpringMD are as unique as our practice. Whereas at a typical doctor’s office, you might discuss your brief medical history, check vital signs, and listen to your heart and lungs, we dive much deeper than that. This is not your typical well-check! Our providers want to spend time with you, the patient, and make sure that you are growing and thriving into optimal health.

These appointments often last one-hour and include the following:

Assessment of Growth and Development

In our pediatric well checks, our providers take much more than just physical measurements to make sure that your little one is on track with growth and development. Their fine and gross motor skills, response rate, and basic cognitive skills are assessed to ensure proper development.


In integrative medicine, and here at the Centre, we know that health begins in the gut. That’s why nutrition is so important, and we want to make sure that any sensitivities or side effects that you may be experiencing are addressed. The Provider will sit down with the patient and discuss nutrition as a whole and where improvements are needed to get patient back to stabilization. Handouts and key diet suggestions began the nutrition recommendations.

Educational Pre-Screening

Our pediatric patients will receive a pre-screening for our Brain Boost programs, giving you an idea of where your child is with learning, and if any problems stand out that need to be looked into through further testing.

Energy Assessment and Product Matching using the ZytoScan

With so many choices available today, deciding which nutritional products to take can be a difficult task to say the least. It can be a costly and time-consuming process to decide which supplements are right for you! Thankfully, we offer the ZytoScan, which is a much better way to decipher through all of your options.

By getting a ZytoScan, you can find which products your body is most coherent with, thus eliminating the guesswork and subjectivity that comes with choosing supplements. Your provider will review your results, and suggest the supplements your body needs to thrive!

Chinese Medical Evaluation using Acugraph Technology

This Chinese medical assessment, the Acugraph, takes less than two minutes to complete. It measures the level of energy that runs through the 12 meridian lines in your body,which are invisible energy pathways in your body. This gives your provider a clearer picture of your overall health, and reveal imbalances caused by stress and other lifestyle factors.


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