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At CentreSpringMD + Peds, we feel that it is very important for student athletes to be physically, nutritionally, and mentally prepared to participate in sports. In fact, we want to help your student athlete have optimal performance when it comes to their sports participation, whether highly competitive or just for fun.

Therefore, we developed the Sports Optimization Evaluation as a way to thoroughly evaluate each child for sports readiness and optimal sports performance. This service can be bought a la carte (meaning by any pediatric patient in the practice). If the patient is enrolled in the After 5 Wellness Membership, the Sports Optimization is woven in as a part of one follow-up visit.

What is a Sports Optimization?  

The Sports Optimization is an enhanced physical exam and includes an in-depth, comprehensive questionnaire to evaluate your athlete and optimize their athletic performance. It involves a thorough history, physical examination, EKG, recommendations for supplements, and suggestions for laboratory studies that would help us fine-tune your child’s Sports Optimization Plan.

What a patient gets: 

Your athlete will get a comprehensive work-up to add onto their current treatment plan with us. This will include everything from dietary recommendations, suggested detoxes, therapies, training recommendations, supplements to build strength, muscle and endurance, and recommendations for further testing.

You will also walk-away with a signed release form for sports participation, or a referral for additional testing or consultation if needed.


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