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At CentrespringMD, we pride ourselves on creating and maintaining healthy families through our integrative family medicine practice.

We all know that when one family member is sick or not feeling their best, it affects the entire family–and can even disrupt relationships and career goals. Integrative family medicine helps alleviate some of these interruptions through a holistic approach.

At CentreSpringMD, we care for each member of your family as individuals, pairing the best aspects of modern Western medicine with integrative techniques to provide whole-body wellness. We don’t only treat the WHAT, but also the WHY, identifying the root causes and providing comprehensive treatment for mind, body, and lifestyle.

We believe in Power Kids, Strong Men, and of course–Super Women.

What kinds of family health options are available at CentreSpringMD? Whether you’re looking to provide the best comprehensive care for your little ones, or support overall wellness, our team has the best combination of conventional and holistic treatments through modern, integrative family medicine.

Full Service Primary Care Including Pediatrics, Women’s Health and Men’s Health

We are integrative family medicine practitioners, able to serve as your primary care physicians. Our team consists of conventionally trained medical providers to meet all your medical needs–from sick visits to chronic disease management, prevention, and beyond.

Integrative Pediatrics – Children are compassionately cared for as individuals. With easy-to-navigate membership programs, we provide your little one with innovative and non-invasive diagnostic tools, customized treatment options, and even phone or video check-ins from home. You’ll never feel rushed during appointments, and you can be sure your children are getting the healthiest start possible with a blend of holistic and conventional care.

Integrative Women’s Health – Our providers understand that true women’s wellness is more than just the absence of sickness. You’ll have access to the complete spectrum of advanced, integrative therapies to build optimal health with gut function, hormone balance, nutrition, and so much more.

Integrative Men’s Health – Today’s man has many unique challenges that require an integrative approach. CentreSpringMD connects treatment, genetic, and lifestyle factors to support mental health, testosterone and hormone function, and optimal cardiovascular wellness.

Integrative Family Medicine Offers Holistic Support with Acupuncture and CranioSacral Therapy

Could Acupuncture Be the Alternative Therapy With All The Answers?

Acupuncture is one of the growing number of therapies that has successfully connected the worlds of Eastern and Western medicine. With ancient roots as far back at 6th century Japan, acupuncture has withstood the test of time as modern science begins to understand how the flow of energy through meridians in the body support whole-body wellness for the youngest member or your family, to the oldest.

Instead of isolating each symptom and treating them separately, your acupuncturist will take a holistic approach to care, working to restore balance to your systems, by:

  • Stimulating muscle relaxation and lowering cortisol levels
  • Redirecting brain signals
  • Supporting hormone and neurotransmitter communication
  • Promoting release of endorphins
  • Enhancing pain relief (1)

This gentle therapy is a great choice for every member of your family, even children, with the ability to treat and prevent conditions with no cost to other areas of your health, unlike other conventional treatments. And for children who may be scared of needles, we often use laser acupuncture as an easy alternative.

Heal your body with acupuncture today.

What is CranioSacral Therapy?

CranioSacral Therapy, or CST, uses a light, pain-free touch to address circulatory, inflammatory, digestive, and neurological concerns by identifying internal tension.

By monitoring and engaging specific tissues at the base of the head where it meets the spine through integrative family medicine, we can assist the body in self-correction by releasing tension in the nervous system (2).

Benefits of CST include:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased mobility
  • Decreased pain and inflammation
  • Reduced migraine symptoms
  • Reduction in anxiety and OCD symptoms in children

By monitoring the response to craniosacral movement, it’s possible to release inflammation at the root of various conditions, a welcomed alternative therapy to invasive techniques that offer limited improvement and troublesome side effects (3).

CranioSacral Therapy is a quiet, relaxing therapy performed while reclining on a massage table, and allows for a restorative experience.

The release experienced allows the body to resume it’s natural healing processes, and patients may notice this immediately, or gradually over the next several days following treatment.

CranioSacral Therapy is a simple, completely non-invasive, and effective treatment option for many conditions, and provides the perfect complement to integrative therapies such as acupuncture and holistic nutrition.

Schedule your appointment with our expert CranioSacral Therapist, Molly Grady.

Bridge the Gap Between Education and Chemistry with Brain Boost

Are you concerned your child isn’t reaching their full potential?

Learning how to navigate the academic and social world can be extremely challenging for children.

And when they experience difficulty in one area of their lives, most conventional approaches treat young patients like a number, rather than an individual. Often, professionals approach children’s care through completely separate modalities, neglecting to combine the necessary pieces of the puzzle to see practical applications and real-world benefits. Integrative family medicine is different, in that the treatment is unique to each child.

CentreSpringMD is thrilled to offer the only personalized and comprehensive program to bridge the gap between science, cognition, and nutrition. With specialized recommendations you can pinpoint the root of your child’s challenges and address them, so he or she has the tools to navigate school, work, social relationships–and all the situations young adulthood can manifest.

Brain Boost at CentreSpringMD addresses:

  • Brain chemistry
  • Cognitive and emotional development
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Gut function
  • Toxicities

And much more.

For Brain Boost 5+, you’ll receive invaluable insight into your child’s brain function via Gibson testing. The science of learning is very real–and Gibson testing is the gold standard for skills and cognitive assessment (4).

In as little as four months, we’ve experienced a dramatic increase in five out of seven cognitive measures, with long-term memory improvement of 83 percentiles, and logic & reasoning scores improving 43 percentiles. This translates to better performance in school, and better behavior at home.

(Right now, CentreSpringMD is offering complimentary Gibson testing when you schedule your next Pediatric followup. Just mention this blog and schedule your Gibson test before your followup appointment.)

Based on the personalized recommendations resulting from a wide range of disciplines and wisdom, your child will have the distinct advantages of improved test taking abilities, better social and personal relationships, and most importantly–fulfillment and happiness through integrative family medicine.

Don’t wait until your child is struggling in school or with behavioral difficulties, Brain Boost provides dramatic transformations in performance and quality of life.

Unlock your child’s full potential. Learn more about Brain Boost.

Identify Inflammation with Integrative Family Medicine and Thermography

Thermography is a type of infrared imaging. Our bodies emit energy in the infrared range of the spectrum, and the result of a thermogram is an image of that we commonly interpret as heat–warm images stand out against cooler ones.

This FDA-approved method uses cutting edge cameras to monitor circulation, neurological function, and inflammation due to slight increases in body temperature as a result of increased blood flow to areas on the body. Detecting a temperature change in our bodies can mean several things, such as inflammation in soft tissue, low grade fever, or increased blood flow to an area indicating an infection (5).

Three Reasons You Need Thermography

  1. It’s safe. No radiation is used in this imaging procedure, unlike other methods, which also aren’t necessarily able to detect inflammation.
  2. It’s simple. This is an especially advantageous diagnostic tool for young children, who often aren’t able to articulate their pain or discomfort. Ideal for both pediatric and adult patients, this procedure is the ultimate in non-invasive diagnostic and monitoring technology as there is absolutely nothing touching your body during the imaging process–it’s as straightforward as taking a picture.
  3. It’s accurate. Inflammation is the underlying cause of a myriad of serious health conditions, that detecting it is one way we’re able to identify and react to the messages our bodies are sending us. Thermography can detect warning signs of inflammation sometimes years before other symptoms arise, and the condition becomes more difficult to treat.

A thermogram is a completely non-invasive, simple way to identify where inflammation is present, and provides insight for the proper treatment to get you and your family back to feeling 100%.

No more traumatic doctor’s office visits where your little one feels overwhelmed, poked, and prodded! Thermography is a great option for kids who struggle with sensory issues as well–there’s nothing that is physically touching the body during a thermogram.

For a limited time, we’re offering a 50% discount  when you schedule a pediatric thermogram.

And don’t forget to ask about limited-time complimentary Gibson testing at your next Pediatric follow up! (Must be scheduled ahead of visit)


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