Ten Tips for Stress

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You’ve probably already heard to stop smoking, eat your veggies and exercise to take care of your heart. Let’s go one step further. What drives us to those unhealthy habits like smoking, eating junk food and couch surfing? A lot of times, it’s stress.

Everyone experiences stress and we all react to it in different ways.  Managing your stress will positively affect your whole body’s health.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce stress:

1. Acknowledge your feelings. Don’t ignore how you feel.

2. Say No. While you technically could stay an extra hour at work, bake 100 cookies for the PTA and still cook dinner for your family in one evening…it doesn’t mean that you should.  Making time for yourself is an important part of keeping your stress down.

3. Try Marma Therapy, acupuncture, or CranioSacral Therapy at our spa.

4. Listen to music. And no…Dora’s backpack song does not count! Listen to music that you enjoy. Sing along and/or dance for bonus points!

5. Write it out—journaling is a great way to get it all “off your chest”.

6. Take a break from technology. Putting your phone away will help you be more present and can even help you sleep better.

7. Hug someone. Hugs that last more than 20 seconds can even reduce cortisone (stress hormone) levels.

8. Try using essential oils. Dr. Taz recommends Lavender and Sandalwood.

9. Do some yoga. We really like this article that explains which yoga poses are better for stress relief. 

10. Connect with nature. Looking at clouds or bundling up for a short walk can help to clear your mind and regroup.



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