Infertility has become what I consider a “secret epidemic.”  I have watched and listened to the stories of patients, friends and family members struggle to become pregnant.  We all know that women are trying to get pregnant later in life and that is one factor.  Unfortunately, the women that I meet are diverse in age and race, but similar in their emotional and frustrating attempts to get pregnant.

Why is there so much infertility?  After a very successful season at our practice this Spring/Summer, our patients are becoming pregnant when we pay attention to the following:

1.  Diet

2.  Body Fat analysis

3.  Hormone evaluation (thyroid, adrenal balance is key)

4.  Stress Management

I have noticed that there is very little attempt to understand how all these factors are linked together to create the right microenvironment for conception.   While every woman’s individual profile is unique, the interlinking of these 4 key concepts is critical in getting patients pregnant.

I would recommend that all women undergo “PreConception Physicals,” where they attempt to get their bodies on track prior to attempting to get pregnant.  In the long run, I have seen this approach save money, time, and a lot of heartache.

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