What is a Fertility Massage?

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*Update May 18, 2016: We are currently unable to offer fertility massage, but hope to bring back this wonderful service soon. Stay tuned for when its back!*

A fertility massage is designed as a protocol to enhance the chance of conception, either naturally or with an assisted source of reproductive technology. The fertility massage supports the body to cleanse of toxins, reduce stress hormones, balance hormones that aid in the reproductive system, and to stimulate reproductive organs using reflexology. A fertility essential oil blend is also used to tonify the reproductive systems. Castor oil, placed of the abdomen, is also used to provide a cleansing affect.

What can fertility massage help?

  • Reduce stress in your modern life
  • Support digestive system for cleansing for better nutritional assimilation
  • Increase circulation in pelvis
  • Break up any adhesions/congestion
  • Enhance couples to conceive naturally or with assisted reproductive technology
  • Balances the reproductive organs

Fertility Massage

Why are essential oils used?

Fertility oils are added to tonify the reproductive system, reduce any inflammation, and help blood flow.

Why are castor oil packs used?

Castor oil packs are applied on the abdomen for a cleansing effect. They are known to soften bowels and also contains antimicrobial, antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties

When are castor oil packs used?

Castor oil packs will be used during your massage session for 20-45 minutes and can also be and recommended to be used at home 3 times a week for 20-45 minutes

What does a fertility massage entail?

  • Cranial/Sacral holds (creates a physiological and energetic opening for alignment of the central nervous system and gives an increased rhythmic flow of cerebral spinal fluid)
  • Scalp massage, jaw massage, and shoulder massage
  • Reflexology points on legs and feet that have to do with the reproductive organ referral points as well as specific organs and glands that help aid in fertility
  • Meridian points down the arms, legs, and back
  • Intestinal massage
  • Pelvic massage over the sheet not going past the pubic bone
  • Repositioning of the uterus

When can a massage be performed?

Natural conception: Fertility massage session up to day before ovulation for both male and female

(AI) Artificial insemination, (IUI) Intrauterine Insemination, (FAST) Fallopian Sperm Transfer System, (IVF) In Vitro Fertilization, (GIFT) Gamete Intra-Fallopian Transfer, (ZIFT) Zygote Intra-fallopian Transfer, (ICSI) Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection:
All parts of fertility massage session up to day of insemination for female, up to sperm donation for male.

Who can receive a fertility massage?

Fertility massage is available for both female and male clients


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