College Prep

Help Your Child Stay Healthy and Safe As They Leave Home for the First Time Through Holistic Family Medicine

College Prep at CentreSpringMD

College Prep is designed to ensure that your child is equipped and ready for college in three main areas:

Nutritional Risk

Which foods to eat and avoid based on your child’s unique body chemistry

Hormonal Risk

How your child’s hormones affect his or her health and happiness at college

Toxicity Risk

What your child should know about his or her personal risk for drug and alcohol use

We want your child to have a support system and head into college with the tools he or she needs to lower the risk for anxiety, depression, weight gain and sexual and hormonal issues. We do so through holistic family medicine, which enables our College Prep program to fully assess your child and his or her predisposition for a variety of health risks, so they are prepared to defend and maintain their health while navigating the new world of college.

"It's designed to be a simple toolbox to keep your child on track and thriving as they leave home for the first time."

— Dr. Taz MD

Questions About College Prep through Holistic Family Medicine:

What is College Prep?

College Prep helps your child prepare for the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of college. Your child gets a roadmap designed with holistic family medicine practices that he or she can use for staying healthy in college; and you get greater peace of mind!

How can it help my child?

For most students, entering college means living on their own for the first time. That’s an awesome and enriching experience, but it also introduces a host of new health risks. Their holistic lifestyle can begin to fall to the wayside for your child and their new busy life.

Health risks, like eating disorders and weight gain (remember the “freshman 15”?), are relatively common thanks to changes in eating habits, lifestyle, and stress. Alcohol and binge drinking are an unfortunate reality on many college campuses. And for many young people, college will be when they first enter into sexual relationships.

The purpose of College Prep is to help make your child aware of the health challenges of college life, his or her own unique chemistry, and specific steps he or she can take to ensure college is a fun, rewarding, and healthy experience through practicing holistic family medicine.

How does it work?

During the College Prep session, your child will spend 30 minutes with a practitioner here at CentreSpringMD.

Together, they’ll review your child’s medical history, complete a College Prep Checklist (which includes sleep, supplements, diet, alcohol consumption, and more), and leave with a personalized go-to guide for staying healthy at college.

Because we’ll need to review blood work and medical history, College Prep is currently only available to existing patients. The key part of holistic family medicine is the family aspect. Your child’s healthy habits are usually a result of your family’s behavior and the example you have set. College Prep prepares your child on how to take care of their own health holistically from a young age.

How much does it cost?

The price is $189 for existing CentreSpringMD patients.

Ready to get started with College Prep through holistic family medicine?

Sending your child off to college is no easy feat, and it usually leaves parents wondering “did I do enough to prepare them?” With help from College Prep and holistic family medicine practices, you can rest easier knowing your child is armed with the tools they need to lead a healthy life.

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