Seeing your child suffer with the flu, or any kind of illness, is tough and emotional. You want to take away their pain, and get them to feeling better as fast as possible! But what if you could keep them well, and prevent them from coming down with the flu in the first place?

Join us in Johns Creek with Dr. Jamilet MD for this can’t miss class on how to prep your child for flu season. She will share tips and holistic prevention methods for boosting your kid’s immune system so that they stay healthy and are prepared to fight off the flu. From essential oils, to nutrition, to natural ways to fight off germs, this is a class you can’t afford to miss.

Each attendee will also get an eBook after the class with kid-friendly, healthy recipes from Dr. Taz MD, as well as valuable information on vitamins, tips for picky eaters, protein hacks, and more!

If you’re a parent, make sure to join us for this free morning class in Johns Creek!

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