The use of pink Himalayan salt has increased in popularity because it is unrefined and is known as the purest type of salt found on Earth.  It literally comes from the Himalayan caves in Asia.  The use of this type of salt dates back to the ancient roman times when salt was viewed as a precious commodity.  It is high in sodium chloride and it has multiple other vital trace minerals (i.e. iron, copper, zinc) which gives it a distinct pink color.  Other than eating pink salt, you can use Himalayan salt in the form of bath salts and lamps.  While using a lamp made out of Himalayan salt cannot give the exact same benefits as eating the salt, it can provide other holistic health benefits.

So what are the benefits?

  1. Air purification: Going back to science class, the interaction of heat from the lamp with the salt creates a positive electrical charge in the surrounding air. It is speculated that this reaction neutralizes the toxins in the air by increasing negative ions and oxygen.
  2. Help with respiratory issues: The process of air purification can improve asthma and allergy complaints by reducing allergens, mucous production and inflammation.
  3. Improved mood: In addition to improving air quality, the increase in negative ions can boost serotonin levels – the happy hormone. It is a great treatment for seasonal affective disorder, which is a dip in mood during the winter months.
  4. Sleep aid: The dimness of the light (while turning off regular lights) also creates a calming ambiance, reduces cortisol, and allows for normal melatonin production. This may help set you up for a more restful sleep at night.

When buying a Himalayan lamp look for the following:

  1. It should be made in Khewra, Pakistan.
  2. It should give off a dim pinkish or light orange color when plugged in.
  3. A good return policy, so keep the receipt!

If you don’t notice a difference in any of the previously mentioned potential benefits, return it because it may not be the real source.

Rosi PatelRosi Patel is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner who joined CentreSpring MD in early 2017 and is excited to be part of a group of like-minded professionals. Prior to joining the CentreSpring family, she spent 8 years as an emergency room nurse and other various acute and ambulatory settings.

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