Why High Estrogen in Women is Bad According to Functional Medicine Doctors

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High estrogen in women can lead to an array of health conditions.  Functional medicine doctors strive to get to the root cause of problems by examining a patient’s complete health and wellness. This includes discussion about nutrition, exercise, stressors, and more.

By analyzing every part of a person’s health, functional doctors can truly understand what causes high estrogen. In turn, they can provide medical advice as to why high estrogen is so detrimental.

As one of the body’s sex hormones, estrogen regulates the female reproductive system. Yet, too much estrogen, a type of hormone imbalance, can negatively affect many parts of your health. Let’s examine why high estrogen in women can be harmful and how going to a functional doctor can help.

Too Much Estrogen in Women

  • Hormone Imbalance

Sometimes, high estrogen in women causes estrogen dominance. This is when someone has low progesterone levels compared to the amount of estrogen produced. For other women, their estrogen and testosterone levels are imbalanced, causing several health issues or discomfort. Hormone imbalances can cause weight gain, decreased sex drive, hair loss, cystic lumps, irregular menstrual cycle, and more. Remember that medications such as SSRIs and birth control can also cause decreased sex drive.

Make an appointment with a functional doctor today at CentreSpringMD to get the right lab work done.

  • Mood Swings, Depression, and Anxiety

Estrogen is synthesized in our brain and muscles; thus, it has a part in regulating energy and cortisol, the body’s stress hormone (1). High cortisol levels lead to anxiety and depression, as well as mood fluctuation. Similarly, low estrogen levels can induce PTSD in some women with past trauma (2). Without a doubt, stress can mess with your sex hormones and cause high estrogen in women.

Book an appointment now with a functional medicine doctor to see if your anxiety or depression is linked to high estrogen levels.

  • Higher Cancer Risk

Simply put, estrogens can modify the biology of human cells, including the central nervous system (3). When your estrogen levels are balanced and normal, it does not pose a risk. Although, if estrogen levels rise, this can put a woman at a higher risk for ovarian, uterine, and breast cancer. Cells can mutate with too much estrogen.

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Treatment for High Estrogen in Females at CentreSpringMD

Are you looking to get pregnant, pre-menopausal, going through menopause, or post-menopausal?

Expert functional medical doctors at Atlanta’s foremost integrative medical center, CentreSpringMD, hold years of experience regarding high estrogen in women patients in all stages of life. With state-of-the-art lab equipment, tools, treatments, and top-of-the-line patient resources, you’ll receive a customized health plan.

Make an appointment today with one of our skilled and knowledgeable functional physicians. We can find out together if high estrogen levels are the cause of your symptoms and discomfort. Afterward, wellness options will be discussed such as hormone replacement therapy, supplements, diet changes, or an exercise plan.


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