Using Holistic Medicine to Manage Endometriosis

Holistic medicine is a form of alternative medicine that fuses modalities such as modern and Chinese medicine. Naturopathic doctors are specifically trained in natural remedies and therapy such as traditional Chinese acupuncture. Comparatively, holistic doctors are trained and versed in conventional medicine paired with alternative therapies such as acupuncture and Ayurveda.

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Endometriosis is one of many very painful health conditions that can truly disrupt someone’s life. Many women often miss work, school, personal outings, and important celebrations to tend to their health care. Doctors are certainly aware of this disease’s debilitating effects.

Although, one study found conventional doctors commonly dismissed symptoms, lacked crucial knowledge, and provided inconsistent advice on endometriosis (1).

Holistic doctors provide medical advice on lifestyle changes, treatments, and nutritional counseling so endometriosis does not take over your life.

Holistic Medicine

Medical doctors who incorporate a holistic approach view the body as a whole person, and not separate parts. In other words, to completely heal a person, prescribing medication (if necessary) is only one part of holistic medicine. For long-term health and wellness, holistic doctors look at many different factors.

To illustrate, a holistic doctor examines a patient’s diet, exercise and sleep habits, daily routine, possible stress, and toxins (2). The main focus of holistic medicine is to heal the body in its entirety, and not just cure one specific ailing part.

Specifically, health professionals acknowledged that with endometriosis, enhanced collaborative care and individualized treatment plans could be extremely effective (1). Integrative, holistic medicine does just this by combining branches of medicine to treat endometriosis through diet, supplements, therapies, exercise, and more.

Hormone Testing

Holistic doctors feel this is a very important first step in determining treatment for endometriosis and many other health issues. Once a doctor understands what is going on inside your body, the real healing begins.

Schedule an appointment to get your hormones tested today.


Looking at what you eat on an everyday basis could open a window into understanding and minimizing your endometriosis fatigue. Holistic doctors look at nutrients you’re missing out on and a possible overload of sugar, processed carbs, alcohol, and more.

Physical activity

Yoga has been proven to be particularly helpful to reduce pain associated with endometriosis (3). Similarly, incorporating a short morning and nighttime stretching routine could also be very helpful.

Holistic therapies and treatments

Massage therapy and acupuncture have been found to reduce pain, discomfort, and stress by relaxing muscles and detoxing the body (4). Both are used commonly in holistic medicine. Treat yourself to a quality massage or schedule an acupuncture appointment.

Holistic Doctors at CentreSpringMD

CentreSpringMD is a leading medical center in the Atlanta area. Patients have full access to a wide range of medically reviewed services for physical and mental health.

Here, integrative, holistic medicine is at the center of our practice. Our expert team serves as primary care doctors for women, men, and families all over the country. Get the support and treatment you need for chronic disease, depression, weight loss, fertility, PCOS, hormone imbalance, and much more.

Book an in-person appointment or virtual consult now with CentreSpringMD to start your journey of freedom from your endometriosis pain.


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