Holistic Practitioners Are Your Biggest PCOS Health Advocate

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Living with PCOS can be extremely painful and for many, downright unbearable. Holistic practitioners are medical professionals, skilled in alternative medicine and health care treatments.

Unlike naturopathic doctors who solely focus on natural health remedies and therapy, board-certified holistic health doctors have conventional medical training. To clarify, naturopathic medicine is frequently used in integrative and holistic medicine.

If PCOS is disrupting your life, find out how holistic practitioners are the biggest allies for treatment and support.

Holistic Doctor

Think of your body as a whole person and your health as a complete unit, not individual parts. This is exactly what holistic doctors do. They can help patients obtain permanent health solutions, not simply heal certain parts of someone’s health. Holistic practitioners believe that long-term healing is to understand a patient’s complete health and wellness (nutrition, daily habits, mental health).

Yes, it is common for people suffering from PCOS to be prescribed medication for pain and other symptoms. Although, holistic practitioners create a personalized health and wellness plan for each patient in hopes of alleviating their pain permanently (1).

Prescribing medication is just one small part of holistic medicine. First, holistic practitioners will sit down with you for an initial consultation that lasts a few hours. You will explain your day-to-day routine for meals and nutrition, sleep habits, exercise routine, and any stressors in your life. This in-depth conversation about any current pain or discomfort allows your holistic doctor to determine the possible root causes of your condition(s). Then, your doctor will assign lab work if necessary.

Specifically, PCOS can disrupt your life in other ways such as creating problems with fertility, sleep, mood, and/or weight gain (2). A holistic doctor will go over with you a range of therapies and supplements that will lessen the burden of your PCOS.

One of the most essential things any great holistic doctor will do is clarify PCOS myths. At CentreSpringMD, you will find a team of holistic practitioners that offer full support for your individual health needs. We think it’s crucial that patients understand they did not cause their PCOS and that we are here for them.

Simply getting rid of the pain and discomfort from PCOS is not enough. Our holistic practitioners go above and beyond a traditional doctor’s appointment.

Holistic Health Practitioners at CentreSpringMD

CentreSpringMD, Atlanta’s foremost integrative and functional medical center offers a full array of PCOS therapies and treatments. Plus, a complete range of spa services is available on site. Every patient gets exactly what they need. Our patients deserve the best.

We use different branches of medicine (i.e., aspects of traditional Chinese medicine) to treat patients. Through this, we can offer a multitude of services to treat PCOS.

We have helped women, men, and families all over the country achieve optimal health. With our support, patients take control of their health, not let their health problems control them.

Book an appointment now with one of our skilled holistic practitioners and have a 24/7 health advocate by your side. Don’t feel alone and suffer silently with your PCOS pain anymore.


1. https://bit.ly/37HQsGl

2. https://www.gynaecologyjournal.com/articles/307/3-4-21-151.pdf


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