How a Holistic Primary Care Doctor Helps the Whole Family

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Wouldn’t it be a luxury if your entire household could go to the same doctor’s office? Are you looking for a integrative medicine provider? A holistic primary care doctor can treat you, your spouse, and children all at the same center.

Imagine how much time that would save you and your family from a hectic work and school week? You can’t put a price on convenience.

At its core, holistic medicine focuses on person-centered care; the patient as a whole person (1). On the other hand, modern medicine examines and treats specific sick parts.

Holistic primary care providers are certified medical practitioners who provide health treatment to people of all ages. Let’s examine how a holistic primary care physician may be right for your entire family.


Holistic Primary Care Doctor

Conventional doctors always urge their patients to eat healthy and exercise. Although, the basis of conventional medicine is treating chronic conditions and disease with prescription drugs.

At our premier integrative medicine center, our licensed team combines conventional medical practices (Western medicine) with holistic treatments (Eastern medicine). Also known as alternative or functional medicine, integrative practices truly combine the best of both worlds.

Natural remedies and supplements from herbs and plants, combined with therapies and lifestyle changes are the bases of natural medicine. Holistic care and western medicine date back millennia and have proven to be effective (2).

In your initial consultation, your holistic doctor will look at your diet, emotional wellness, exercise, lifestyle habits, and stress factors. A holistic primary care physician links various elements of the body together (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual). In other words, integrative doctors look at the social, psychological, and physical factors of your daily life. This opens up a deeper conversation to get to the root issue for prevention and future care of numerous conditions.

Knowing what you need in every decade of life is crucial to complete wellness inside and out. Various therapies and treatments can be found at our integrative medical center for your entire family.

  • Autoimmune assessment
  • Ayurveda
  • Detoxification
  • Hydrotherapy
  • In body testing
  • IV drips
  • Thermography

Learn more about integrative and holistic health at our blog. You can find a wide variety of free informational medical articles.

Holistic Primary Care

Children (and teens)

Pediatric holistic practitioners look at a child as a complete person by examining environment, genetics, and nutrition. This ensures the foundation of instilling healthy habits and preventing future problems.

When problems do arise, non-invasive diagnostic tests and integrative developmental screening techniques will be used. An entire team of holistic practitioners awaits your child.

  • Lactation consultations
  • Nutritionists
  • Craniosacral therapist
  • Integrative health coaches
  • 30–40-minute appointments


Holistic doctors help women analyze their hormones, nutrition, gut function, stress, and more. At CentreSpringMD, our holistic team can treat and prevent a wide variety of health issues concerning our female patients. The list below is only a small fraction of what we can help you with.


Issues concerning the male and female body can be drastically different. Men’s health, just like women and children, should focus on the entire bodily system. Continuous integrative health treatment allows men to be at their best. By looking at the factors that affect men the most, every patient is set up for success. Below are some common issues we help with at CentreSpringMD.

Holistic Primary Care Doctor Near Me          

The need for alternative medicine practitioners are increasing (3).

Book an appointment now with the amazing alternative medical team at CentreSpringMD.

Babies, children, tweens, teens, men, and women of your family can all come to the same doctor’s office. What is more convenient than that? Start on your holistic journey now, with a holistic primary care physician at CentreSpringMD.




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