What is Holistic Dermatology?

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Skin is an important pillar of health. In fact, the condition of someone’s skin can be a sign of their inner health (1). Holistic dermatology gets to the root causes of skin conditions by treating a patient’s whole body. Why?

Poor lifestyle choices such as an unhealthy diet can be a catalyst for poor skin health. Underlying health conditions can definitely show on your skin.

Do you simply want to look younger and/or reverse the signs of aging through natural skincare? Have you lost hope trying to get to the cause of your acne or other skin disease? Are you interested in natural remedies to fight skin cancer and disease?

Functional medicine and holistic dermatology focus on treating patients as a whole, not just prescribing a medicine for the skin (2). Also known as functional or integrative dermatology, natural treatments for the body and skin are combined with modern medicinal practices.

Let’s learn all about holistic dermatology and why it could be your health solution to great skin care and health.


Holistic Health and Dermatology

  • A diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods and beverages

It’s time to start looking at what you eat and how it may be affecting your skin. Foods that cause inflammation show on the skin in redness, puffiness, uneven tone, bumps, and more. Eczema and psoriasis can both be results of inflammatory foods.

Simple diet changes such as eating anti-inflammatory foods can reset your skin, immune system, gut, and more.

Most importantly, think about any food intolerances you might have. Is any beverage you’re drinking or foods you’re consuming making your skin worse or leave you feeling sick? Food intolerances are often misunderstood and seen the same as allergies.

Holistic dermatology can help! Book an appointment today with one of our for a food intolerance test.

  • Lifestyle changes for stress relief

Stress can do awful things to the body. We have all had stress-induced acne breakouts, as well as stomach issues and headaches due to anxiety and tension. Treat yourself right because you deserve it.

  • Take morning and/or evening walks to clear your head. Listen to a podcast even during your stroll.
  • Try yoga or meditation.
  • Have you ever just taken a few minutes to breathe deeply?
  • Deep breathing can help you a lot more than you realize (3).
  • Do your best to get a full, restful night’s sleep (7-8 hours).
  • All-natural supplements

Unlike conventional medicine, focused on the use of prescription drugs to treat illnesses, natural; functional medicine does it differently.

A big part of natural medicine is the focus on supplements for crucial vitamins and herbal extractions. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we cannot get the nutrients we need from our daily diet.

Speak with a natural; integrative dermatologist now to see what supplements can improve your skin health.

Holistic Skincare

Are you happy with your skin health or are looking for additional support to stay young? Do you want to catch skin problems at an early stage for future prevention?

Holistic dermatology will get you there. You have not experienced complete luxury until you’ve visited a holistic spa.

Natural Dermatologist

Remember, skin issues are often a sign of something deeper going on in the body. Visit a functional; integrative medical professional to get started now. Holistic dermatology can be what your body needs to prevent future damage to one of your most important organs (your skin).

At CentreSpringMD, health care is complete, whole body care, inside and out. We welcome you to our practice, where our patients are family.

Make sure to book an in person or virtual appointment now with our expert holistic practitioners.


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