Q & A With Kristin Corbin

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Today we’re sitting down with Kristin Corbin, our nurse practitioner.  We’re excited for you to get to know her a little better!

kristinCan you tell us a little about your background, and what made you want to become a nurse practitioner?

I really wanted to improve individuals’ quality of life. Initially, I thought I would accomplish this through the fitness industry while in college, I even became a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. However, I wanted to keep my job opportunities open and broaden my knowledge foundation, so I became a nurse. After graduation, I worked in the emergency room at Gwinnett Medical Center, where I was certified as a trauma nurse and adult/pediatric advanced cardiac life support nurse. Being an adrenaline junky, I loved the fast-paced environment, but I desired a deeper relationship with my patients. I wanted to be in a unique position where I could empower my patients to achieve optimal wellness. With this in mind, I returned to school to get my master’s as a Family Nurse Practitioner where I could treat my patients holistically, focusing on the importance of the body, mind, and spirit.

I feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to work alongside the most dedicated healthcare professionals in such an innovative field of medicine. Becoming a nurse practitioner is just the beginning of my medical journey. I consider myself a lifelong learner, currently working on my doctorate of Nursing Practice with hopes of providing the best care possible to all my patients at Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine!

You are also a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. What is your favorite way to get a workout?

That’s tough! My favorite workout is probably H.I.I.T, which stands for High Intensity Interval Training. With interval training, you are able to get a challenging and effective total body workout in just 20 minutes. I set the timer on my phone and alternate 1 minute of plyometrics with 1 minute of strength training exercises.

Can you give us one tip that will help us stay healthy during this cold weather?

Can I give you two? Sleep and vitamin D. It is easy in the busyness of life to forget how important sleep is to our immune system. After all, sleep is our bodies’ time to heal and recover. Aim for 8 hours of sleep per night. Also, vitamin D deficiencies are very common in the winter because we do not get as much sunlight as we do naturally by being outside during the spring and summer. Research is continually showing the importance of vitamin D to our immune systems.

How do you spend your time when you are not at ACHIM?

This is a busy time in my life. When I am not at Atlanta Center for Holistic & Integrative Medicine, working on my doctorate, or working on STAT Wellness, I love getting together with my close-knit family, friends, and hanging out with my amazing boyfriend, Cameron. We love to cook, hike, and travel. Our most recent trip was to Quebec City, which I highly recommend if you have never been.

What are you most excited about in 2015?

I know I am a nerd, but I am excited to implement my research study at the practice this summer and graduate with my doctorate in December!

What do you want to accomplish through patient care at ACHIM?

I want to develop a unique relationship with my patients where we are working together to optimize their health and wellness. Through the integration of conventional and alternative modalities, I am determined to unravel the root causes of their symptoms and work to reverse the negative health consequences. I look forward to working with patients in all stages of the health spectrum, and to continue working with the wonderful healthcare team at ACHIM!


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