Brain Boost is a holistic approach that connects all aspects of emotional intelligence and cognitive performance in a single, comprehensive system that gives your child the tools to thrive… no matter whether they lag behind academically, or whether they excel in school but struggle in interpersonal situations.

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Dear Fellow Parent, 

Dr. Taz here. I’d like to ask you a question:

If you had access to a single resource that would give your child the advantage he or she needs to truly excel and thrive… would you take advantage of it? 

Of course you would!

But until now, there hasn’t been a truly comprehensive solution to address all of the factors that go into maximizing your child’s full cognitive, mental, and emotional potential!

That’s because science hasn’t bridged the gap between cognitive development, education, and chemistry. 

They’ve been treated as separate entities… and millions of children around the world (challenged and gifted alike) have suffered because of it!

It’s HARD watching your child not reaching the incredible potential that you know in your heart they’re capable of, isn’t it?

That’s why I created Brain Boost!

Brain Boost is a holistic approach that connects all aspects of emotional intelligence and cognitive performance in a single, comprehensive system that gives your child the tools to thrive… no matter whether they lag behind academically, or whether they excel in school but struggle in interpersonal situations.

These Aspects Include

 Cognitive and Emotional Development
 Brain Chemistry
 Nutrient Imbalances and Deficiencies
 Gut Function
 And Many More!

By looking at the “big picture”, we can pinpoint the sources of your child’s challenges… and recommend a natural, health-focused course of action to help create radical transformation in your child’s academic performance, interpersonal communication, and other key skills they will need to navigate school, college, work, and beyond!

When you take a multi-faceted approach, you get real-world solutions.

With Brain Boost, your child doesn’t just get the “one size fits all” treatment that almost all doctors, behavioral therapists, and other professionals rely on to treat their young patients.

We instead draw wisdom and insights from a wide range of sources and disciplines, including:

• Traditional Western medicine

• Integrative medicine and wellness

• Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine

• Lifestyle and nutritional therapy

• And many more!

As a result, your child gets individualized help… which greatly improves both the chances for advancement in key developmental and social areas, and the magnitude of the results your child experiences. 

As part of helping your child with Brain Boost, we merge medical diagnoses with behavioral, cognitive, and emotional development strategies to create a well-rounded personal plan to optimize your child’s success!

Every child can benefit from Brain Boost!

Many parents only seek programs like Brain Boost after they’ve noticed academic or behavioral problems in their children… but your child doesn’t need to suffer from these problems to benefit from the potential-boosting power of Brain Boost. 

Many kids who are tagged as “gifted” also find that their performance, happiness, and overall quality of life dramatically increases once they implement the personalized, just-for-your-child recommendations we provide. 

And even those in-between – those considered “normal” by academic and societal standards – have experienced amazing transformations thanks to Brain Boost. They’ve improved test taking abilities, retained information more easily, formed healthy relationships more quickly, and enjoyed dozens of other life enhancements… simply because they were treated as a person rather than a number.

Today, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of Brain Boost too. 

This simple, eye-opening program will help identify areas for improvement, and tap into a wide range of disciplines and wisdom sources to offer the most natural, effective solution to give your child a distinct advantage… and to help them live happier, fuller, more productive lives! What you get when you enroll your child in Brain Boost1. Brain Boost is tailored to your child’s age. Children ages one through five receive a 30-minute observation with our providers. Childern six and over will take a 45 minute Gibson test at our office.

The Gibson Test is a test of cognitive skills, and is one of the most comprehensive, multi-lingual learning skills assessments in the world. It’s perfect for the parent of a struggling student, or an adult seeking help for themself. 

This test will give you invaluable information about brain performance, and help your provider determine the next best step.

The Gibson Test is for Brain Boost 5+, and will be scheduled separately and prior to your Brain Boost assessment with your provider, and takes about an hour to complete. The cost of the Gibson Test is included in the Brain Boost appointment cost

Then, we’ll schedule a separate appointment to do a 30-minute observation.2. After the observation, our pediatrician will complete a proprietary Sensory Processing Questionnaire based on the results of the session. 3. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan detailing the deficits and challenges that are holding your child back, as well as how those deficits impact the emotional, learning, and behavioral issues your child exhibits. 4. Finally, we’ll connect you with the appropriate professionals to ensure that your child receives the best support, care, and treatment possible to correct deficits and improve performance. 

But we won’t just leave you on your own after that. We sincerely care about the success, happiness, and well-being of your child, so our medical staff is available at any time to answer questions, clarify information in your child’s treatment plan, and put your mind at ease any time a new challenge arises! 

And if your child is a new patient, we’ll also provide a comprehensive medical evaluation to give us a solid “starting point” for your child’s examination and treatment plan. This evaluation includes:

• A digestive function and gut-brain axis evaluation, which can uncover issues such as IBS, fat malabsorption, food intolerances, and other digestive issues that can affect overall performance. 

• An evaluation of your child’s nutritional requirements, including vitamins, minerals, fats, and amino acids.

• A hormone evaluation that focuses on thyroid function, adrenal function, insulin levels, and estrogen/progesterone levels.

• Testing and evaluation for vision and hearing challenges. 

• An energetic diagnosis using a multidiscipline approach, which can reveal treatable issues such as depression and anxiety.

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That’s because we spend a lot of time and energy helping each child realize their full potential… and we don’t cut corners when evaluating challenges and finding opportunities for growth. So if you’re not willing to let your child settle for being anything other than their personal best… do your child a favor and schedule your appointment right away!

I look forward to helping your child live the most successful, fulfilling, empowered life possible!

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Dr. Taz

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