BioRay Liver Life 4 fl oz

BioRay Liver Life 4 fl oz


Revitalizing liver tonic.*

Liver Life® (Liver Restorative) naturally supports the liver’s structure and function, supports the body’s ability to filter toxins, drain acidic waste and decrease ammonia. Liver Life® supports the detox pathways in the liver and supports kidney function.*


  • Supports detox, nutrient absorption and food tolerance*
  • Supports metabolism and energy levels*
  • Supports healthy body weight*
  • Supports healthy pH balance*
  • Supports restful sleep and balanced hormones*

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Product Info:

  • Amount Per Serving: 2.1g
  • Proprietary Blend: Agaricus Blazei mushroom, Turkey Tail mushroom, Milk thistle seeds, Olive Leaf, Red Root, Reishi mushroom, Maitake mushroom*
  • Other Ingredients: Deionized water and grain alcohol (20% by volume) as part of extraction

Suggested Use:

Intake Instructions for Adults & Children:

Adults: Start with 13 drops in water or juice. Increase intake by 2-3 drops per day to optimal dose, twice a day.

Children and Sensitive Adults: Start with 1 drop in water or juice. Increase intake by 1 drop every 3 days as tolerated to optimal dose, twice a day.

Optimal Dose by Weight:

  • Under 40 lbs: 15 drops, 2x a day
  • 41 – 75 lbs: 2 droppers (52 drops), 2x a day
  • 75 – 150 lbs: 3 droppers (78 drops), 2x a day
  • Over 150 lbs: 4 droppers (104 drops) 2x a day


Manufactured in a NSF/GMP registered facility.

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