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Integrative Therapeutics Panplex 2-Phase Digestive Enzyme Supplement

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Give your digestive system some assistance with Integrative Therapeutics Panplex 2-Phase. This digestive enzyme supplement helps your body better break down foods by supplying a combination of pancreatic enzymes with hydrochloric acid and pepsin.

Digestive enzymes serve two key purposes: helping your body break down food supply to improve motility and allocate nutrients. Without them or if your stomach has an insufficient supply, food often sits there, and your body can’t make optimal use of the fats, carbohydrates, and proteins passing into your small intestines.

To do this, your body has three types of digestive enzymes: amylase, which breaks down carbohydrates into sugar molecules; lipase, to break down fats; and protease, which both breaks down proteins into easier-to-use amino acids and controls bacteria and yeast.

Without sufficient digestive enzymes, you may feel bloated, experience cramps or gas, or find that your body isn’t receiving enough nutrients.

Here’s where Integrative Therapeutics Panplex 2-Phase, a digestive enzyme supplement, comes in. This two-part process delivers the following to support your digestive health:

  • Phase I gastric support includes hydrochloric acid and pepsin.
  • Phase II intestinal support includes pancreatin and bile salts, which help protect against the deactivation of enzymes by stomach acids.

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  • Betaine Hydrochloride, 320 mg
  • Pepsin (1:3000 Concentrate), 220 mg
  • L-Glutamic Acid Hydrochloride, 200 mg
  • Pancreatin USP (6X Concentrate), 168 mg
  • Amylase (25,200 USP units)
  • Protease (25,200 USP units)
  • Lipase (2,016 USP units)
  • Ox Bile Extract
  • 130 mg
Weight 2 oz

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