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Liposomal Glutathione


Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants that the body produces. 8 fl oz.

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Glutathione is one of the most powerful antioxidants that the body produces and is used to bind and remove toxins, including heavy metals such as mercury and lead from the body. Levels may drop as result of oxidative stress due to disease, drugs, aging, toxic chemicals, inflammation and stress. Adequate levels of glutathione are necessary to provide important antioxidant protection needed by the cells, to help eliminate toxic metabolic waste products and to support the immune system.

The largest impediment in supplementing glutathione to the human is the incredibly poor absorption when taken orally. Physicians have found that intravenous glutathione is amazingly effective but oral use is practically useless. Some benefit can be obtained by inhalation of a nebulized glutathione but this is not usually practical.

The advent of nano-particle glutathione that is then merged into a liposomal delivery system has produced blood levels that rival intravenous infusion! Absolutely incredible results are being obtained in formerly difficult-to-treat conditions such as Parkinson’s and Autism.

Increase Absorption Dramatically – Regular glutathione is absorbed at approximately 3 – 5%, some emulsified forms around 10 – 20%, the balance remains in the gastrointestinal tract and is lost. Nanotechnology, liposomalized glutathione is absorbed at 90%, measurable in the blood stream. A 600% to 2250% increase in absorption (depending on which form you compare)! Get IV results with oral dosage!

What Are Nanotechnology Liposomes? Nanotechnology refers to creating micro particles of the active material one wishes to coat with liposomes – in this case glutathione. This requires expensive equipment and considerable time to complete. These micro particles are then inserted into special fat soluble materials resembling micro bubbles just a few millionths of an inch in diameter which are capable of sliding through the gut lining without being digested. The “bubbles” are now in the blood stream and are offered to the cells of the body as needed. As with the gut wall, the cell wall loves liposomes because they are made up of similar material (phosphytidal choline, lecithin, phosphaytidal serine, CLA, etc) and the enclosed nutrients are delivered directly into the cell while the liposomes are used by the cell wall or for other functions within the cell. A huge advance in both efficiency and effectiveness of supplemental nutrients!

Weight 8 oz

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