Metagenics BioSom DHEA Spray

Metagenics BioSom DHEA Spray


BioSom Liquid DHEA Spray by Metagenics supports healthy DHEA levels, antioxidant protection, enhanced cognitive function and more. 2 fl oz.

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Maintain Healthy DHEA Levels with BioSom Liquid DHEA Spray

The human body naturally produces DHEA, which is one of the most abundant substances in your body. It’s secreted by your adrenal glands, but is also found in your brain, and is one of the most reliable biomarkers of the aging process. DHEA is produces in higher amounts when you’re younger, and as you get older, the production slows, leaving a need for supplementation.

If you’re not a fan of swallowing pills, Metagenics offers an easy-to-use solution in BioSom Liquid DHEA Spray. One full pump delivers 5mg of DHEA, 7mg of stevia leaf extract, and 350mcg of grapefruit seed extract to support optimal overall health and wellness.

Some of the benefits of DHEA include the following:

  • It provides optimal antioxidant protection against oxidative stress and free-radical damage
  • DHEA may help you maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels
  • It helps enhance your cognitive function and boost your mood by increasing your brain’s serotonin levels
  • DHEA helps increase your overall immunity by stimulating killer cell activity
  • It may also help regulate your hormones by regulating your pituitary and thyroid glands

BioSom Liquid DHEA Spray provides the convenience of a spray formula and can easily be carried in your purse, pocket, or carry-on bag. Give it a try today to support your natural DHEA levels and improve your overall health and wellness.

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