Ortho Molecular Bergamot BPF

Ortho Molecular Bergamot BPF


Bergamot BPF contains a powerful and unique array of cholesterol-balancing and cardio-protective polyphenolic flavonoids.

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60 capsules per bottle.

Optimizing cardiovascular health is a leading concern for many adults, and maintaining balanced cholesterol levels are an important part of that process. Though cholesterol can be consumed through food, circulating cholesterol levels are primarily produced and controlled by the liver using the rate control enzyme, HMG-CoA reductase (HMGCR). Because of its pronounced role in cholesterol synthesis, inhibiting HMGCR has become a primary target of many traditional therapies. Numerous clinical trials have shown the specific bioactive polyphenolic fractions found in Bergamot BPF works at the level of the liver to help maintain and support healthy cholesterol levels and preserve coronary arteries by maintaining inflammatory balance.

Suggested Use:

2 capsules per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

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