The Truth About Fats

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Fat makes us fat. Right? It causes heart disease and raises cholesterol level and it’s just plain unhealthy so we should eat it sparingly, at best. Right? Wrong. Dead wrong. We were told in the early 80’s to restrict fats, use margarine (and other artificial/highly processed fats), increase carb intake, and guess what happened?

This chart speaks for itself…

Low Fat Guidelines Chart

Good, healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, butter, and avocado are needed for our hormones, our brain development and function, to heal our guts, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, improve our skin, give us energy, burn belly fat, satiate us, and…it tastes amazing!

It also helps to keep insulin levels steady. When we eat refined carbohydrates or high glycemic foods, our insulin levels rise and then fall, until we eat again and then repeat the roller coaster. This not only puts stress on our bodies that causes inflammation, and leads to the inevitable drop in energy and focus, but it also tells our bodies to store fat. One of the best ways to keep insulin levels steady is by using these good, healthy fats.

Fats don’t make us fat. Say it again with me: fat does not make us fat. If we fill up on good fats and protein, which also keeps insulin levels stable, it will be so much easier to turn down those cheeze its, doritos and other foods that spike our insulin.

But unfortunately, a large majority of Americans just don’t get enough of it. The number 1 deficiency in our kids is essential fatty acids. Unless we purposely add it in, with the old myths so deeply ingrained in us, then it’s just not going to happen. And aside from that, look at the grocery store shelves. No where on the shelves do the crackers, bread,  or chips have avocado oil, coconut oil, omega 3 fats, butter or ghee. It has to be consciously added. I add avocado oil to my kids’ smoothies, extra olive oil to their chili or fajita meat, or to any veggies after they are cooked. I also add lots of butter to their rice or potatoes, and I add it to our soups. I add it any chance I get! It give us longer lasting energy and we just feel better overall. And, again, it tastes great!

Some good, tasty, healthy fats, that all work well on high heat include:

  • Ghee and grass fed butter have vitamin A and D, and butyrate which strengthens the gut
  • Unrefined coconut oil can help heal the gut, increase thyroid, speed up metabolism, and is great for brain function
  • Avocado oil has the most mild flavor, and can help burn belly fat, is good for brain function, and will satiate us (I put this in my son’s smoothie every day before school)

With that said, let me challenge you to add extra fat into your diet, which in turn will fill you up more and hopefully allow you to easily reduce your insulin raising, highly refined carbohydrates. Try to aim for 2-3 tbsp of good fat, per meal. Can you do it? The mental barrier is tough, I know, but once you taste it and know what it really feels like to feel satiated for hours, it will be the easiest thing you’ve ever done, and you’ll wonder why you waited so long!

Here’s to good healthy fats!


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