It’s the last shopping week before Christmas and research shows that 30% of shoppers won’t begin their holiday shopping until now! Are you shopping for a new mom and not sure what to gift? We wanted to share some things to consider before checking off the new mom on your list!

What should you get for a new mom this holiday?

What should you get for a new mom this holiday?

Recently, a friend asked us what we thought about gifts for new moms. We began to think about the lovely friends and family in our life who have children. There are so many moms out there who are working hard to balance all of the existing busyness of family life and the approaching holiday festivities. These special mamas put their families first and often put self-care second…or last! Here are a few suggestions to prime your think-tank before you make a mad dash to get those concert tickets or gift cards, you generous folks out there! The key is knowing the mom you are giving to!

Is she a foodie? If so, does she have any food allergies or sensitivities? That box of chocolates with a peanut butter-filled center may be making your mouth water in the checkout line, but will it leave her with an upset tummy or reaching for her epi-pen? If you aren’t sure, you may consider checking with her family members to see which holiday treats and food spots are her favorite these days.

Is she a new mom who is breastfeeding? She may not be overly excited receiving tickets to see her favorite band just yet if it’s not conducive to pumping, her current feeding schedule, or emotional readiness. Provide an escape for mom that requires less planning on her part. Instead, consider getting her something she can enjoy on her own time, like movie tickets, a massage or a facial. You may want to discuss with her family the option of providing childcare so that she can treat herself to a spa day. Massage can be very therapeutic for stress reduction and be a nice time out for self-care. [There is an amazing selection of therapeutic spa treatments at our integrative spa.

How busy is the mom you are giving to? It’s also prudent to consider her time. Most likely, her to-do list has increased exponentially with a new addition to the family. Consider services that could help her accomplish her tasks, like house cleaning, food preparation, or an at-home car wash. Does the new mom on your list have a four-legged child, too? You may want to gift her some dog-walking services or a weekend of doggy daycare to give her a little break from extra care-taking.

Whatever it is you choose to gift, take the time to talk with the mother you are gifting, or someone close to her, to find out what she really needs this season.  You will be going the extra mile and creating a gift that is packaged in thoughtfulness! And don’t forget that simply being available to help support her and her family through this life transition will be a gift in itself.

Happy holidays and have a healthy New Year!

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