How to Regain a Natural Hormone Balance Disrupted by PCOS

For many women, achieving a natural hormone balance is an easy thing to do. Although, when your life is disrupted by the pain and stress of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), you may feel hopeless and exhausted.

The functional holistic medical team at CentreSpringMD is here to tell you there is hope. Balance your hormone levels and get your health and wellness back on track with medical advice from our experts.

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What Does PCOS Do to Hormones?

Most all living organisms have endocrine systems, (glands that form hormones). Receptors in our bodily organs and tissues identify and respond to our hormones (1). While the specific causes of PCOS are unknown, it has been diagnosed as an endocrine disorder. In other words, PCOS disrupts normal hormone levels and causes them to fluctuate.

To highlight, PCOS can cause a woman not to make enough hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormones to ovulate (2). When ovulation stops in a childbearing-age woman, cysts can form on her ovaries. These cysts create excess male hormones (androgens), which are usually only in small amounts in a woman’s body. Women with PCOS have high androgen levels which lead to infertility, mood swings, irregular/missed menstruation, weight gain, hair loss, and acne (3).

Additionally, PCOS creates excessive hair growth in women on the face, neck, chest, stomach, back, and butt, known as hirsutism. In other words, women with hirsutism grow hair in areas where only men have due to higher levels of androgens in the body (4).

PCOS may feel like a wrecking ball crashing through your body, but there is relief at the end of this often painful road.

Natural Hormone Balance is Possible with PCOS

One possible cause of PCOS is genetics, although this isn’t always the case (5). New research shows that a toxic burden from environmental toxins is wreaking havoc on women’s reproductive systems. Specifically, studies have shown endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) can mimic hormones and interfere with metabolism (6).

While it is easy to say you will start limiting your toxin exposure, this is not always easy to do depending on where you live and your job. For example, people who live in cities are at a higher risk of environmental toxins.


Hormone levels can fluctuate due to poor sleep, an unhealthy diet, and stress (8). Poor sleep has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and a poor diet. Ask any doctor about the importance of a good night’s sleep. We cannot stress enough how important proper rest is for natural hormone balance and overall health and wellness. Unhealthy habits include looking at screens before bed. Do not look at any screens for at least one hour before going to bed. Artificial light can mess with the circadian rhythm of our bodies and throw hormones out of whack (7).

Air Purification

One method for natural hormone balance is having an air purification system for both your home and workplace (if possible). While studies focus on the cardiopulmonary benefits of air purifiers, eliminating toxins from outdoor sources can improve overall health and wellness (8).

More Healthy Fats and Less Sugar

We all know that eating healthy is great for natural hormone balance, but what does this exactly look like? If you are suffering from PCOS, it is vital you consume healthy fats daily and cut out sugar. Regulate your leptin and ghrelin levels (hunger hormones) by the consumption of healthy fats such as olive oil, salmon, nuts, and seeds (9).

CentreSpringMD Helps You Maintain Natural Hormone Balance

A natural hormone balance may be difficult depending on various factors. The team of functional holistic experts at Atlanta’s top medical center, CentreSpringMD can help.

While natural hormone balance is important, sometimes you may need more help.

Schedule an in-depth consultation with one of our doctors today. A licensed doctor will examine your diet, exercise, sleep, and other daily habits, plus discuss any symptoms disrupting your life. Necessary lab work will be done such as hormone testing to determine the best course of action to manage your PCOS.

You are not alone with your PCOS. An entire team of experts is waiting to help you at CentreSpringMD. Contact us now.




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