Holistic Doctors Explain the Ways ION*Gut Health Can Help with ADHD 

Holistic doctors highly recommend ION*Gut Health, a natural mineral supplement that helps create a balanced gut and strong immune system. In recent decades, understanding, treatment, and support of ADHD have come a long way, and this supplement is part of this advancement.

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Did you know that there is a powerful connection between your gut and your brain? Yes, it’s true, your tummy and head are tightly linked. Through research, scientists and doctors have discovered there is a strong association between poor gut health and ADHD diagnosis.

While ADHD can be genetic, holistic doctors believe that with the right dietary and lifestyle changes, people diagnosed with it can lessen their symptoms. Let’s examine the ways that ION*Gut Health can help people struggling with their ADHD get some relief.

Connection Between the Gut and ADHD

Before we explain the ways that ION*Gut Health can help you or your child, it is important to understand the relationship of gut health to ADHD. Functional changes in the gut can create shifts in the central nervous system (1). In other words, a gut microbiome (gut bacteria) imbalance can affect your brain because it affects your digestion and immune health. Since your gut and brain are connected, poor gut health can lead to a higher risk of diseases and disorders.

Specifically, GI (gastrointestinal) problems are common in autism spectrum disorders and ADD/ADHD. Alterations in gut bacteria were found to be the cause of behavioral abnormalities in its participants (2). Primarily, these bacterial imbalances in the gut affect social and emotional behaviors.

Another way to explain this is the gut/brain axis. The gut/brain axis is the communication network that exists between your gut and brain. Let’s start with the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which controls your respiration, digestion, heartbeat, blood pressure, and more (3). A lot of bodily processes are controlled by this system.

Your ANS and GI tract nerves directly link your gut and brain together (4). Therefore, intestinal activity influences your brain activity, such as your mood, mental health, cognition, and focus. 

ION*Gut Health

The main ingredient in ION*Gut Health is humic extract, packed with trace minerals and essential amino acids, found in ancient soil. Even just 50 years ago, our soil contained much higher magnesium and other vital trace minerals which have been depleted in recent decades. 

  • Sourced from 60-million-year-old soil
  • Strengthens the microbiome while defending your body and immune system against toxins
  • Supports and improves mental clarity, giving you better focus and concentration
  • Glyphosate-free and vegan, plus, aids in the digestion of gluten and dairy
  • Only uses purified water

While this remarkable supplement is safe for both adults and children, speak with a licensed holistic doctor first before taking it.

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Living with ADHD can be overwhelming, like you’re constantly trying to stay afloat. CentreSpringMD is here to help and let you know you are not alone. Restore your gut and digestive health now. Get the mental clarity and relief you need to perform your best at school, work, or at home every day.

Contact our team of holistic and integrative experts today to schedule an appointment for you or your child to get ADHD relief and better gut health. We can discuss ION*Gut Health or other treatments and therapies that would work best.


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