Managing Chronic Conditions with Functional Medicine in Buckhead, GA

Perhaps you’re living with diabetes, unexplained weight gain, a thyroid condition, or an autoimmune disease. Your doctor tells you to lose weight or change your diet. You engage in these habits but see no results, and the cycle repeats itself.

You want answers. Yet, traditional medicine only wants to treat symptoms. In these cases, functional medicine has turned into a useful alternative. With functional medicine, practitioners like CentreSpringMD attempt to identify the root cause through testing and discussing lifestyle factors.

But, what does this mean for patients managing a chronic condition? In addition to traditional treatments, your practitioner works with you to holistically overhaul your health. This often entails a plan involving exercise, stress management, diet, and other changes.

As you explore functional medicine near Buckhead, GA, learn more about what to expect:

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine takes a patient-centered approach to your health with practitioners who do more than prescribe medications to manage symptoms. Instead, your whole health is assessed: what you eat, how you manage stress, and your physical activity levels, for starters. Your medical history, genetics, and environment also enter the picture.

This approach gives functional medicine practitioners a more complete profile. At CentreSpringMD, our team creates a personalized treatment plan for each patient:

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  • We conduct in-depth assessments of each patient using advanced diagnostic tests.
  • We examine the relationships between different body systems — for example, your gut microbiome and chronic inflammation.
  • We develop a plan to address specific imbalances, inflammation markers, and other dysfunctions.
  • We talk about the influence of a nutrient-dense, whole-food diet on your health.
  • We take a preventative approach to chronic conditions to lessen or manage symptoms.
  • We identify potential triggers that could exacerbate a chronic health condition.

What to Expect During Your Visit

As you visit a Buckhead functional medicine provider, expect the following:

  • Comprehensive blood, urine, and saliva tests
  • Genetic testing
  • Stool analysis to assess gut health and microbiome diversity
  • Food sensitivity testing for intolerances and inflammation
  • A thorough review of your medical and health history
  • Discussing diet, including a consultation with a nutritionist or dietician
  • Touching on your health goals
  • Managing your chronic health condition through physical activity, stress reduction, and diet
  • Connecting medical history and exposures to your chronic condition

Chronic Conditions Functional Medicine Addresses

A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that functional medicine’s focus on lifestyle changes showed improved outcomes for type 2 diabetes patients. Compared to those relying strictly on traditional medicine, patients saw fewer complications and remained gainfully employed for longer.

This approach helps manage a broad range of chronic health conditions. Work with CentreSpringMD to develop a personalized treatment plan for:

Find your center with CentreSpringMD. Our Buckhead medicine practice specializes in holistic primary care, anti-aging, and family medicine. Contact us today to learn more or set up an appointment.


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