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EastWest® – Serenease


The miracle micronutrient for calm and ease. 

Your ultimate antidote to stress, a solution for relaxation, and a powerful ingredient for cellular health.

Serenease is a comprehensive blend of the 6 most functional forms of magnesium, combined together to promote healthy metabolism, mood support, relaxation, and energy activation.

Magnesium continues to be one of the most crucial nutrients most people lack in their diets, resulting in fatigue, headaches, blood sugar imbalance, and a tense or dampened mood. 

With Serenease, you can experience the benefits of each type of magnesium which supports more than 300 enzymatic reactions–regulating everything from mood to metabolism!

Serenease is a blend of 6 types of magnesium essential for optimal health and cellular function. In practice, I use this miracle micromineral as an antidote for all things tense, stressed, or anxious. 

Magnesium is a coenzyme for more than 300 different metabolic reactions in the body which regulate energy production, electrolyte status, and protein and DNA synthesis. Magnesium also comes in different forms, and each plays a different role in your body–regulating everything from mood to metabolism.

As essential as magnesium is, most people don’t consume enough, with as much as half of the U.S. population subclinically deficient in magnesium. Inadequate magnesium is a driver for poor sleep, chronic disease, blood sugar imbalance, and cardiovascular disease (1).

Because the soil and processed foods are depleted of magnesium, it’s difficult to obtain adequate magnesium from diet alone, and this is what makes supplementation a useful tool.

While it can be difficult to decide which magnesium supplement is right for your needs, I’ve removed the confusing guesswork by combining the 6 most beneficial types of magnesium into one simple supplement.


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