Why Am I Gaining Weight? Summer Weight Gain + How to Lose It Fast

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Lose weight without the struggle with integrative medicine. Don’t waste time on short-term fixes, and instead target the root cause of any excess summer weight gain directly when you support detoxification, gut function, and hormone balance.

Functional and integrative medicine is the best way to lose weight because of the personalized approach tailored to your individual chemistry. Weight loss is never one-size-fits-all. Factors that contribute to weight gain are complex, which is why we begin with restoring balance to metabolic, hormonal, and dietary systems so that you can increase fat loss and metabolic function.

CentreSpringMD weight loss options include:

  • Food sensitivity testing and gut health analysis
  • Nutrition counseling
  • 10- or 28-Day step-by-step detox program
  • Functional testing and diagnostic methods

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Notice a Build-up of Belly Fat?

Stress, reduced gut function, ultra-processed foods, lack of sleep, and other lifestyle factors all contribute to one thing: fat storage around your abdomen. These are likely the culprit of any summer weight gain as kids and parents may not be following their regular routine. More vacations, late nights, and a little too much indulgence can catch up to you fast.

Two hormones that control metabolism and fat storage–cortisol and insulin–are heavily influenced by diet and lifestyle. Cortisol is produced in excess when your body is stressed, and insulin is primarily made after you eat a meal. Balancing these hormones is key to losing weight.

Sluggish detox function also makes it harder to lose weight. Enzymes in the liver work overtime to rid the body of metabolic waste and this process often needs extra support (1).

Eating inflammatory foods, or a diet not aligned with your chemistry also contributes to weight gain. Food sensitivity testing, or gut function analysis is one-way integrative medicine that can help you determine which foods support weight loss.

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You May Be Insulin Resistant

Insulin ResistanceYou might be gaining weight as a result of insulin. Your body makes insulin in your pancreas, and it’s active after you eat any balanced meal, and more so if you consume greater amounts of carbohydrates. Insulin works to lower blood sugar after you eat, which is a good thing, but when it remains elevated for too long it becomes a problem.

Insulin becomes elevated over time due to a chronic condition called insulin resistance. When your cells are constantly bombarded with insulin, eventually they stop responding as quickly, which is the basis for insulin resistance.

When you’re insulin resistant, you’re more likely to have trouble losing weight, or maintaining healthy body weight. This is because when insulin is high, you’re more likely to store calories as fat, instead of burning them for energy. If you’re eating healthy, but still not losing weight, you may be experiencing insulin resistance.

Being insulin resistant makes it harder to use body fat for fuel, and your metabolism will prioritize using carbohydrates, driving sugar cravings, and further weight gain (2).

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Lose Weight and Improve Blood Sugar

Metagenics Ultra Glucose Control Chocolate 30

Studies suggest that limiting carbohydrates and supporting liver health can play a role in optimizing blood sugar balance and make it easier to lose weight (3).

Metagenics Ultra Glucose Control supports a healthy response to insulin, promoting normal blood sugar levels and the healthful use of body fat for fuel. Alternatively, you may benefit from a step-by-step plan, such as a detox protocol with the guidance of integrative medicine.

10- or 28-Day Holistic Detox

Metagenics UltraClear is a 10- or 20-day detox program designed for metabolic detoxification, liver support, and heavy metal metabolism. Your liver is one major gate-keeper for weight loss, signaling when to break down body fat–and when to store it.

Benefits include:

  • Metabolic detox support
  • Alkinilization
  • Heavy metal metabolism
  • Methylation support with B12 and folic acid
  • Eating guidelines + Recommended foods list
  • Nutritional support for healthy, safe detox

This kit supports the production of specialized liver enzymes involved in phases I and II of detoxification function. Targeted ingredients then package up metabolic toxins for excretion in phase III detox support.

In this plan, you’ll receive a full guide with complete menu plans, other recommendations, and easy-to-follow instructions.

Get it now! Start your 10- or 28-day detox here!

Improve Your Gut + Reduce Inflammation


Gut Health & Inflammation

You may be gaining weight this summer as a result of poor gut health. Many everyday foods trigger inflammation in the gut. This inflammation interferes with normal digestion and absorption of nutrients and can cause harmful bacteria, like Candida, to proliferate. Bacterial overgrowths, including Candida, contribute to insulin resistance, weight gain, and increase your risk of type 2 diabetes (4).

Because food sensitivities or intolerances don’t always present with obvious symptoms like diarrhea or upset stomach, it’s important to evaluate how your gut is really functioning.


A gut function analysis measures 5 biomarkers of gut health, including:

  • Malabsorption
  • Inflammation
  • Dysbiosis
  • Metabolic imbalance
  • Infection

A gut function analysis can also identify nutrient absorption issues or underlying infections such as SIBO or H. pylori.

Learn more: Is SIBO the Missing Link to IBS + IBD?

Which Diet Is Right for You?

Integrative Medicine DietNot sure which foods best support your body and your unique biochemistry? Wondering if you should follow the keto diet or maybe go plant-based? Our integrative medicine team understands that your nutrition is paramount to helping you lose weight and keep it off.

Options include:

  • Going dairy- and/or gluten-free
  • An Autoimmune Paleo Diet (AIP)
  • Healing leaky gut (food sensitivity testing)
  • Removing common allergens
  • Addressing fat malabsorption

Uncover your hidden food triggers and optimize your ideal diet with a qualified nutrition professional and nutrition counseling.

Are Environmental Toxins Making You Fat?

Is there such a thing as toxins that cause weight gain? Research says yes, and they’re actually called obesogens (5).

Obesogens are compounds that alter lipid metabolism and fat storage, alter metabolism, and disrupt appetite or energy balance to promote the accumulation of fat and obesity (6).

They include endocrine disruptors like parabens and phthalates, but also toxins present in our food, water, and air. If your exposure to environmental toxins is high, your natural detoxification pathways need extra support.

Begin with a step-by-step comprehensive 10- or 28-day detox program, complete with a full menu plan and diet recommendations. Reduce toxic burden and support Phase I and II liver detoxification function.

Supercharge Mobilization of Fat Cells

Super-B Shots

Designed to boost your metabolism using choline and inositol, which target fatty liver and fat metabolism, along with B vitamins for a supercharge. Learn more here.


Promote lean muscle while supporting the use of body fat for fuel. The amino acid L-carnitine is naturally produced in the body to help produce energy, but you can optimize your levels to enhance its benefits (7).

Check out L-carnitine in CentreSpringMD’s exclusive weight loss drip.

Weight Loss with Integrative Medicine

Don’t settle for fad diets or quick fixes for healthy weight loss. Integrative medicine targets the root cause of your weight gain and provides personalized solutions for your unique chemistry.

If you’ve spent this summer enjoying yourself, but notice it’s a little harder to shed unwanted pounds, consider a natural detox to remove environmental toxins that can slow down metabolism. Clearing harmful bacteria and improving gut function can also help increase nutrient absorption and energy production. Let our integrative team help you get to the bottom of your summer weight gain, and show you how to lose weight fast–the healthy way!



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